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Important Reminder: Making payments in the new app

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Thank you to all our members for embracing the new app! We appreciate that changes with technology can be challenging.

Did you know?

Making a payment looks a little different in the new app. When making a payment to a BSB/account number, be sure to check the ‘To’ payee section, where you can choose the pay type as Standard or Osko (if the receiving institution accepts both).

When creating a new payee, the method of payment selected is what will be saved as the default for this payee. You can, however, still change the pay type at the time of making another payment to this payee.

For payees you have had saved for some time, the default may not be your preferred pay type. As above, you can change the pay type when making a payment. If you wish to change the default for these existing payees, you may need to delete the payee details and re-create with your preferred settings.

As always, don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you need any assistance.

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