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We are proud to be associated with organisations that serve their members with the same approach to service, values and benefit to members. The following are such alliance partners: Talk to us

Maritime Super

Maritime Super was established on 1 March 2009 as a result of the merger between two long established maritime industry super funds, the Stevedoring Employees Retirement Fund (SERF) and the Seafarers Retirement Fund (SRF).

Continuing the tradition of providing comprehensive superannuation and retirement services to its members, Maritime Super is the largest super fund of its kind for maritime workers, helping members and their families and friends achieve financial security and dignity in retirement.

Maritime Super is an industry fund run only to profit members, which means that any profit is returned to members through reduced fees and improved services.

Maritime Super has been created specifically for employers and employees of the maritime industry and their families. On 11th August 2010, it became a public offer fund. This means that while it continues to look after maritime workers, membership is now open to:

  • former members who wish to re-join
  • self-employed maritime workers, and
  • family members and friends nominated for membership by an existing member.

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Mine Super

Mine Super was established from a merger between the Coalsuper Retirement Income Fund (COALSUPER) and the Queensland Coal and Oil Shale Mining Industry Superannuation Fund (QCOS). Prior to 1 July 2015, Mine Super was known as AUSCOAL Super.
Mine Super is an industry fund
Mine Super is owned for the exclusive benefit of members. It’s profit-to-members approach means they can return benefits to their members through lower fees and better returns.
The way service should be
Mine Super have a team of highly qualified and experienced people who can assist you. Whether you need a quick answer or general advice about super they can help you over the phone or provide face-to-face guidance from someone you can trust.

As salaried employees, Mine Super Financial Advisers can look at your overall financial position and put in place strategies to help you maximise your wealth over the long-term. 

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